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Remote Sensing Payload Working Group
Welcome to the web site for the Solar Orbiter Remote Sensing Payload Working Group.

This web site has been set up as a place for information and documentation relevant to the discussions of the Working Group. In particular, it has been set up as a place to co-ordinate the activities relevant to the actions of the Working Group.

The task of the Working Group is to demonstrate payload feasibility in the face of extreme environmental and mission limitations. Following discussions at the first meeting a complete set of questions or challenges was drawn up and it is the actions from this list that forms the basis for assessing the feasibility of the payload. These actions/challenges are listed in the documents section, as is a matrix which shows the current state of the activities. As actions are completed, a set of Action Completion Forms will be placed in the appropriate page. A template form can be located on that page.

For more information, contact either of the co-chairs Professor Richard A. Harrison at or Dr. Bernhard Fleck at


> 1st Meeting notes - 16/17 May 2002
> 2nd Meeting notes - 25/26 November 2002
>  Other documents

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